Building a better beauty blog

Update often :

The difference between a “regular” web page and a blog is the frequency of updating and the amount of new content. If you’re really serious about blogging you should update your blog every day. This will also help with your search engine traffic. (More on that later.)

Produce high quality, original content :

There are hundreds of beauty blogs and everyone is reviewing products. If you are doing product reviews try to put a different spin on it. For example, since the Beauty Brains are scientists, we answer questions about how products work. Try to find someway to tie your career or hobby into the subject of beauty. If you’re into graphic design, maybe you could blog about packaging and graphics of cosmetics. If you like history, you could blog about beauty products of the past. Be creative!

Comment on other beauty blogs :

If you’re just getting started with your beauty blog, this is a crucial tip. You need to make the beauty community aware of you. Don’t be shy about asking for link love either. (Of course, don’t expect to always get it). And if you’re a longtime blogger it never hurts to remind the other bloggers or new bloggers that you are out there.

Sign up for Technorati :

It’s an Internet search engine and cataloging site for blogs that can help yours be more visible. It can also help you find blogs that cover similar subjects as yours.

Submit your stories to social networking sites like Digg and Reddit :

If you’ve got a good headline and your post gets voted up, you’ll see a lot of traffic. Blog software WordPress even has a plugin that lets your readers automatically submit your stories. We don’t recommend this as a primary way of building traffic but it’s nice to give your numbers a boost for the day.

Be a little controversial :

Don’t be afraid to take a stand on something unpopular. It could generate a lot of passion which means more comments. Sure, you might lose a few readers because you upset them, but more likely, you’ll spark participation in a debate.

Post comments on forums :

You’ll be amazed at the number of threads on the larger beauty forums. The Long Hair Community is one of the best. So is Makeup Alley. A good mention on sites like these can boost your traffic dramatically. Plus you’ll find other people with similar outlooks as you.

Use interesting graphics and label them :

Most of the beauty blogs have the same kinds of beauty pictures. Don’t be afraid to be a little different in your graphics choices, it will help you stand out from the pack. And, if you tag your graphics with names, people searching Google image can find your blog more easily – even if they were just looking for a picture!

Use a service like Hit Tail to help choose key words for your blog :

You can “own” certain search terms if you blog about them frequently. Hit Tail helps you find terms that people are searching for when they find your blog.

Think beyond beauty :

Women who read blogs about wine, or travel, or maternity clothes, or video games like beauty products too. Don’t forget that your readers have interests outside of beauty. That means you can build traffic by going to other kinds of blogs.

Be engaging :

Use contests or quizzes to keep your readers interested. WordPress has plugins for polls and contests; you can also find fun games to post at

Reach out and touch your readers :

Respond to as many emails and comments on your posts as possible. People take the time to contact you so you should take the time to respond. It really helps “build your blog community.”