Blogging tricks from the year’s best beauty blogs

Pick a specific niche or topic :

With so many websites in the category of best beauty blogs, you need something different to make your site stand out. You can’t be bland or generic. So when you start out, focus on a very specific niche or topic for your blog.While you can expand into other topics down the road, it helps to start with a defined theme (such as organic products, eye makeup tips, lipstick reviews, etc.) that you can become the go-to source for.

Find your own voice :

To stand out, you also don’t want to sound like everyone else. When you’re starting, don’t try to copy the best beauty blogs. Instead, find your unique voice and don’t be afraid to be yourself.In the beginning, you may want to hold back on using your unique tone of voice because you want everyone to like your blog. But it’s better to really impress a few people with a fresh voice, than slightly please everyone with a boring voice.Pro Inspiration: While many beauty blogs focus on perfection, Clumps of Mascara went her own way by creating a blog that praises imperfection.

Publish fresh, timely content :

If you want to keep up with the best beauty blogs, you can’t publish on a random or gappy schedule. You need to commit to a regular publishing schedule and stick to it.Publishing regular content will not only satisfy your reader, it will also satisfy search engines like Google. Blogs that publish regular content perform better in organic search (making it more likely for more readers to find your blog).Pro Inspiration: If you scroll through Rouge 18, you’ll see that they stick to their schedule of one post per day.

Make it share-worthy :

When you start a blog, you can’t simply press “publish” and expect readers to flock to your page. You must come up with strategic ways to bring web traffic to your site.One of the best traffic drivers is shares from your readers. This is when readers see something they like and share the content with their friends via social media or email. To tap into that powerful traffic driver, make an effort to create content that’s so emotionally appealing (funny, surprising, uplifting, etc.), valuable or unique that your readers will feel compelled to share it with their friends. Also pair your post with beautiful images that look great on social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.Pro Inspiration: Take a look at how Ashley Brooke Nicholas pairs her posts with images that are always widely shared on Pinterest.

Be tireless about growing your email list :

Another way to increase traffic to your blog is to send an email to readers whenever you publish a new post. Of course, you can only do that if you have a list of your reader’s email addresses.From day one, work to collect email addresses via opt-in forms that ask readers to share their contact information. Run regular campaigns designed to build your list (such as contests, challenges, free giveaways and content upgrades).

Keep it visual :

Blogging isn’t restricted to written content. You should also use visual media — such as custom photography, graphics and videos — on your blog. This is especially important if you hope to become one of the best beauty blogs.There’s just no better way to show products, processes and results than through photos or videos. So as you develop content topics and themes, always be thinking about how to incorporate great graphics to support your written descriptions.Pro Inspiration: Lisa Eldridge fills her pages with high-def videos that she embeds into the pages of her blog.

Use great photography and videos :

When you create custom images and videos for your blog, pay attention to the details. Don’t quickly snap a few photos or shoot a last-minute video and upload them to your blog. Take time to set the stage and carefully craft your product images and videos.That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money on expensive cameras and equipment. It just means that you can’t rush through the process and publish sloppy work.

Support your blog with a strong social presence :

To compete with the best beauty blogs, you’ll also need to develop a strong social presence. Plan to be active on the social media platforms that are most relevant to the beauty community, including:YouTube — Anytime you post a video on your blog, also add it to your YouTube channel. Many beauty audiences find their primary content by searching YouTube instead of using traditional search engines.Pinterest — Pinterest is a visually focused platform that also attracts a big beauty audience. Create at least one or two pins for every blog post you create.Instagram — Another visual-centric platform, Instagram is also a great place to share your high-quality custom photos and short videos.Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms are also important. But it can be difficult to have a strong presence on every site (especially when you’re just getting started). So focus on building an audience on one or two of the platforms most used by your target audience and then grow from there.