Beauty Bloggers Skin Care

Chances are your favorite beauty bloggers have led you to the perfect shade of red lipstick and given you in-depth rundowns of every major MAC collaboration. Perhaps they’ve taught you all there is to know about deep conditioning and provided tutorials on applying fake lashes, too. The five blogs on this list address the aforementioned while expertly tackling the ins and outs of skin care. If you desire anti-aging serum reviews and exfoliation tips along with your hair and makeup reading, these are the best beauty bloggers to follow.

Face Flawless Skin :

Founded by veteran beauty writers Danielle Gray, Christene Carr, and Felicia Walker Benson, this newly-launched site offers a mix of product reviews and skin care techniques to help readers achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. The site features an online survey that helps the trio of experts address common concerns, so you may want to fill that out.

Peach & Lily :

Since 2012, Alicia Yoon has been discussing all thing Korean beauty on this hybrid blog and e-commerce site. A hub for K-beauty reviews and access to the most innovative new products, Peach & Lily recently expanded with the opening of a brick and mortar shop in Queens, New York. Those outside of NYC can still count on the blog to deliver first-rate content on everything from must-try sheet masks to beauty essentials for traveling.

Kimberly Loc :

For those who prefer their products without harsh chemicals and ingredients that are potentially harmful to the environment, Kimberly Wallace‘s blog offers insights on all-natural and organic offerings. Last year, she was tapped to collaborate on a range of products with Rachel’s Plan Bee. Pretty legit, no?

Beauty Banter :

As the name of her blog suggets, Sarah Howard has plenty to talk about when it comes to beauty. Her father co-owns NYC’s Pierre Michel Salon and is a former Make Up Forever executive, so perhaps it was inevitable that Howard’s musings on luxe face oils, DIY body scrubs, and more are must-reads for many.

Beauty Bets :

Minneapolis-based writer Elizabeth Dehn uses her platform to share candid reviews on the likes of overnight peels and pore strips. Since launching her blog in 2009, she’s recruited a team of contributors to assist with covering trends and product launches, and in 2014 she teamed up with One Love Organics on a skincare range.