The Beauty Tips That I Swear By

There is all kinds of beauty advice out there on the internet. I learn new tips and tricks almost daily thanks to sites like Pinterest and the beauty blogs I read. I’ve learned over time to not expect every tip to work for me – it’s very subjective, and some things that work for one person might not work for me. Today I thought I’d share the beauty tips that have worked for me, and that I’d be a little lost without.

The Beauty Tips That I Swear By :

  • Regularly clean your pillowcases so you’re not sleeping on built up oil and dirt from your hair and skin
  • Taking the time to use a really good base coat and top coat actually is important
  • If you have dry skin, always use a moisturizer before applying makeup
  • Keep your face mists in the fridge for an extra refreshing skin treat
  • Use your ring finger when applying eye cream or blending out concealer under the eyes – it’s much more gentle and is less likely to cause wrinkles
  • Mascara really needs to be thrown away after 3 months because there is such a high chance of getting an eye infection
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove any extra buildup in your hair from hairsprays and dry shampoos
  • Its better to invest in quality skincare products so you don’t have to use as much makeup
  • Applying a little bit of highlighter to your cupid’s bow will make your lips appear fuller
  • If you suffer from frizzy, dry hair or static, invest in a good hair oil or serum to help with flyaways
  • Neutral makeup is always a safe bet because it looks flattering on anyone, for any occasion.
  • For dewy-looking skin, use highlighters and cream makeup products.
  • Investing in high quality products, though sometimes more expensive, will make you happier than just purchasing whatever is being hyped or on sale at the moment